Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Vacation Part Three

It was quite a drive due West from Lassen Volcanic National Park to the giant redwoods, which lie near the Northern California Coast. We stopped overnight in a town called Red Bluff. Down at sea level again it was rather hot - about 85 degrees, I think - so I'm not quite sure how I caught a cold. We also ate some really terrible food at what on the surface looked like a very pleasant restaurant down by the river. The next morning Rachel took the wheel and took us through the front-range. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the zig-zag road sign with the words "115 miles" plastered underneath. It turned out not to be an exaggeration. On the far side lay Humbolt State Park and some very impressive flora...

Damn tree-hugger!

What, you've never seen a tree this wide before? It's just a baby compared to a Giant Sequoia, not that we saw any of them. They're all down South at Yosemite.

Impressive roots on the left, and a drive-thru tree on the right.

They seem to go up and up forever. Well 350ft anyway.

Look carefully to spot the little people disappearing into the forest. And Rachel. Sorry - that was uncalled for.

Eureka - I've found it: the world's scuzziest motel pool. In Eureka.

After a a very hard day doing nothing, what better way to celebrate than a gigantic Margarita? And for the ladies, how about a strawberry daquiri?

It's Paul Bunyon, folks. And his cow, Babe. Actual size, allegedly. This giant fella will wave and talk to you, which is a bit disconcerting!

You'll notice that by this point the rains are upon us... how did we cope? Was it tears before bedtime or stiff upper lips all around? Tune in sometime before my next holiday to find out!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice pics! Have a new job, so Fri is my last day here. Will let you know new address.

August 09, 2005  

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