Monday, July 03, 2006

Baby fluffy arrives!

Hmmm, where to start? So much material, but so little sleep... On the other hand, reporting objectively on the recent arrival of one’s child is not dissimilar to reporting from Ireland whilst sober; an idealised state never achieved in practice.

After a day or two of anxious faffing around, waiting for a free bed in which to be induced (other mothers having selfishly contrived to deliver simultaneously), we arrived at the hospital around 11 on Thursday morning and were ushered into a room whose appointments exceeded those of many hotels in which I’ve roomed. Given the level attendant services I would certainly rate it 4 star, with the money scrimped on the minibar wisely invested on a range of twenty-first century monitoring devices, a variety of discreetly housed surgical implements taking the place of the usual Gideons Bible.


Rachel was rigged up with the pitocin around 2; around 6 she entered active labour and we started the breathing exercises; at 7 her waters broke and the contractions became incredibly painful; enter the epidural (“the best decision I’ve ever made” – Rachel Tammar). The doctor predicted delivery at 3am, but Rachel was in no mood to faff about. All proceeded very rapidly from here. There was some drama as we found the baby’s heart rate was dipping significantly when Rachel pushed. Given this the doctor turned to forceps and little Ethan arrived on the scene at 10:44. It turned out that the little fella had wrapped his umbilical cord around his arm, and this was getting trapped as he made his way out. I was feeling a little green by this stage, but Rachel and Ethan were remarkably unperturbed considering everything they’d been through. For those of you not fortunate enough to have witnessed childbirth first-hand, it’s not a million miles away from playing Resident Evil: Zero on the Gamecube, only with better graphics and fewer save-points.

...and soon after!

Rachel stayed at the hospital for the next day and a half and we came home on Saturday evening. Since this point he has been sleeping and eating regularly and we have been sleeping and eating irregularly. And I think this is pretty much spells out the plan for the next several months...

Day two

the little fella aka Ethan Benjamin Tammar takes a nap

back at home and in his rococo "swing", or alien mind probe, as I prefer to think of it.


Anonymous Si said...

Fantastic pics - good to see Rachel looking so chirpy. Can we now have some of Ethan with his proud father, please?

July 09, 2006  

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